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Apprenticeship Day

About the Day

Swiss Laundry attended an apprenticeship day to connect with the next generation of talent and promote their brand. The event provided the company with an opportunity to showcase their business, highlight their unique culture and values, and offer advice to potential future employees.

By participating in the apprenticeship day, Swiss demonstrate its commitment to investing in the future and supporting the growth and development of young people in their community.

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Swiss Laundry Featured on ITV News

Swiss Laundrys Managing Director – Richard Turvill was featured on ITV News in Cambridgeshire on Wednesday talking about how we are changing how we approach retaining staff.

“Clearly we are a factory environment, and typically factories workers will work a 6-2 or 2-10 shift. What we’ve been able to do is say well actually our doors are open 8 till 8 when would you like to work? and then we’ll fix a schedule to you”

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Unsung laundry workers of the pandemic – Featured in EDP

Image Credit: Danielle Booden & EDP

A hidden army of unsung workers has been keeping East Anglia’s tourism industry afloat during two tumultuous seasons.

Among the major players is Camplings Linen – a family-owned commercial laundry operation based in Great Yarmouth with a sister business in Papworth, Cambridge – which lost millions of pounds in revenue over the course of the pandemic.

The firm’s boss, Richard Turvill, says it’s an industry whose contribution has been largely overlooked – despite the key role it has played – but its workers deserve much praise.

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Richard & Mark Turvill are talking in an industrial setting, surrounded by large hanging textiles. The environment appears to be a warehouse or factory floor.

Behind the scenes at Swiss Camplings commercial laundry

Swiss Camplings is a UK commercial laundry, linen hire and workwear rental business, serving the hospitality, tourism, leisure and other sectors throughout the east of England.

With two commercial laundries, based in Great Yarmouth (Norfolk) and Cambridge, this family-run firm delivers a complete commercial laundry service solution for businesses, such as hotels, B&Bs, restaurants, holiday parks and spas, throughout the eastern region. In 2017, Swiss Camplings unveiled a brand new £5m commercial laundry in Great Yarmouth.


Capable of processing more than 500,000 items of linen every week, including napkins, towels, table cloths, chefs wear and other items, it’s one of the one of the most technically advanced and environmentally friendly laundry facilities in the UK. Watch this video to go behind the scenes at this impressive site, and the sister laundry in Cambridge (where dry cleaning services are also provided) to learn more about one of the UK’s longest established commercial laundry businesses.